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Promotion Terms

Spring Promotion Terms

Bonus targets must be reached within each calendar month to qualify, all stats are reset at 12.01am GMT on the first of each month.

Affiliates will receive the bonus for the target attained within the month with their commission payment paid by 20th of the following month.

Any chargebacks will be deducted from the months total prior to bonus calculation and the bonus applied at the level reached after any applicable deductions.

The bonuses paid are applicable to the target reached, not combined. To clarify, an affiliate who reaches the $3000 earnings target within a month will receive a bonus of $450.

All affiliate applications (including referrals) are processed and verified within 2 working days of a completed application and Photo ID being received. Applications without supporting Photo ID will NOT be processed.

Fraudulent activity and conversions will NOT be tolerated and the affiliate account will be closed immediately with the loss of all earnings outstanding.

This promotion does not apply for affiliates who have individual set commissions.

Spring Promotion!

Join NOW and not only enjoy the benefits of the highest commissions available on the best converting offers, but, until the end of June 2013, also receive an additional bonus for the commission target reached*.

And, don’t forget, we also pay a 5% commission on all referred affiliates earnings, so, refer your affiliate friends and earn 5% on their earnings too!

*Please see the Spring Promotion Terms for full details of this offer.