CAN – CPA Affiliates Network


Affiliate marketing is a proven industry generating millions in revenue every year, more and more companies are recognising the benefits and cost savings afforded by this growing marketing medium.

Marketing campaigns can be expensive and whilst advertisers make every effort to demographically target their promotions, most advertising mediums do not allow the level of targeting afforded by carefully structured affiliate campaigns. Conventional marketing methods (i.e. publications, television etc) require payment for the possibility of sales, whereas, affiliate marketing removes all the advertisers marketing costs and only requires payment in the event of a sale.

As a CPA affiliate network, our advertisers are assured that they will only pay for conversions. We do not charge for clicks or impressions, only commissions due on sales already received through quality traffic generated by our affiliates through their own marketing campaigns targeted at our advertisers demographics and authorised territories.

Our affiliate network allows our advertisers full control over their offers:

  • Affiliate approval – Combined with questions of applying registered affiliates, this allows advertisers to further vet affiliates and record who is promoting their offers and through which sites and by which marketing methods.
  • Offer Geo-targeting – ensure your brands are only promoted in authorised territories.
  • Offer specific Terms & Conditions – Affiliates must read and agree your offer specific Terms & Conditions before they can promote your brand. This allows advertisers to state any relevant marketing restrictions (i.e. no incentivised traffic, no e-mail campaigns etc).

All our affiliates are thoroughly vetted and supported in best affiliate practices for traffic generation.

We operate a zero tolerance regarding spam and fraud ensuring that only quality traffic is generated for your offer on our network.

  • Zero fraud and spam tolerance
  • Pay only for conversions
  • Full offer control
  • Completely free to post offers.
  • All our affiliates are thoroughly vetted prior to approval.
  • Our affiliates are fully supported and tutored in best affiliate practices.
  • Full support through your assigned Account Manager.