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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Question – A. Answer

Q. What is CPA Affiliates Network?

A. CPA Affiliates Network is an affiliate network which lists CPA offers from a wide range of recognized brands which our registered affiliates can promote via their chosen marketing methods for a defined commission per sale or action.

Q. What are the fees to register with CPA Affiliates Network?

A. None, it is completely free to register as an affiliate or advertiser.

Q. How do I become a registered affiliate?

A. To protect our existing affiliates and advertisers we do need to verify your application details before granting access to our network, verified applications are usually approved within 2 business days.

Q. Do I need a website to register with CPA Affiliates Network?

A. No, provided you can detail your offer promotion plans during the application process you may still be approved.

Q. Can I refer other affiliates / publishers to CPA Affiliates Network?

A. Absolutely, we offer a 5% referral commission on all revenue earned by your referred affiliates. You may refer as many sub-affiliates as you wish.

Q. When will I get paid?

A. Our standard terms are Net 20 (by 20th of the following month) and subject to the combined commissions of your campaigns exceeding the minimum threshold (currently $25). Payment will be sent via your preferred method. For higher turnover affiliates, weekly or even daily payments can be negotiated with your Affiliate Manager.

Q. Why have I not been paid?

A. Log into your account and check that you have entered correct payment details for your preferred payment method. Check that your commission exceeds the minimum payment threshold of $25.00. If the above do not apply, please contact your Affiliate Manager.

Q. What forms of payment does CPA Affiliates Network offer?

A. You may request payment via Wire Transfer or Paypal, alternate payment methods can be discussed with your Affiliate Manager.

Q. What promotion methods may I use to promote offers?

A. We encourage all our advertisers to clearly state, within each offers specific Terms & Conditions, any promotional methods which are NOT allowed.