CAN – CPA Affiliates Network


CPA Affiliates Network is a CPA (Cost per Action) network.

We believe our affiliates work hard to develop and build their websites and spend hours increasing their sites visibility through promotions and SEO in order to generate targeted traffic for our advertiser promotions. We feel that these efforts should be justly rewarded. It takes exactly the same effort and hard work to drive traffic to a low commission offer as it does a high commission offer, so, why not earn the best commission you can for your efforts?

We have worked hard to secure the highest commissions possible and will continue to ensure we work closely with our advertisers to ensure that not only are they receiving quality traffic but are also enjoying good ROI and offering the best rewards possible.

Commissions do vary depending on the product or brand promoted, but, we recognise the hard work involved generating converting traffic and for this reason our affiliates can rest assured we will always secure the best commissions possible in acknowledgement of their efforts.